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why do I create?

What drives me to create? Why do I feel the need to dive into fabric, vinyl, paint, wood, paper, etc? It's quite messy and sometimes very frustrating. There's always something else to learn and my subjects {the cloth, paper, vinyl!} aren't always cooperative :) Regardless of all that, when I find myself at the end of a successful project, with a finished quilt, stuffed animal, vinyl decal,'s all worth it! The colors, the textures, the visual and sensory feast - I love it. It makes all the insanity of this crafting lifestyle worth the effort.

All of the products you'll find in my shop are the results of intense work, easy project, new ideas. The great part is, you don't need to worry which path it took in my brain, you just need to worry about which item you want the most! I create to pass on that visual feast to my customers.

Hopefully, you'll get as much enjoyment out of your product as I did in creating it.

With Whimsy,


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