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coming soon to the shop...

The website is slowly beginning to look....good! As a non-coder, at the mercy of drag and drop formatting, it's been a labor Ha. I hope this post finds all of my readers looking for something to get excited about. It's a new year - time for some pretty things, right? Check out my crepe myrtle, circa June 2020. I'm longing for warmer weather.

If you're wondering what new things might pop into the shop soon, think pink and red.

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it. Although it might look a little different than last year's celebrations, you can still find ways to make things fun, especially for the kids. There will be some totally adorable tic-tac-toe sets coming soon, customizable for V-Day AND other upcoming holidays like Easter. These are great add-on gifts that are way more fun than just pencil and paper.

Also be on the lookout for some vinyl cup creations - I found some very sweet color-changing cups that I'm looking forward to decking out in something lovely/funny/crazy. What would you put on YOUR cup?

There are several DOZEN minky soft burp cloths in my studio that also need to be added to the shop. You'll never use another burp cloth once you've felt/used mine. Serious. I'm past the baby stage myself, but I used these for my youngest and they were delightful. With a neck contour and minky backing, they never fell off my shoulder. Um, thank you!!

If you can't tell, I love making stuff! You'll find my particular hashtag #NivetteMakesStuff all over my Instagram. It's in my blood. Hopefully, you can eventually bring a piece of my whimsy into your home. Ciao, and happy crafting.


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